23 12 / 2011

A visit to Ice Cream City

I returned home from Japan yesterday, and one of the highlights of my trip was a visit to ICE CREAM CITY in Tokyo!

Yep, an “ice cream theme park” offering hundreds of ice cream flavors, some of which were pretty weird…

What does Viper ice cream taste like? I have no idea and I didn’t find out.

If I hadn’t been feeling so sick already with a nasty head cold (ie, diminished sense of smell and taste), I would’ve added Viper to our selection. And also Eggplant, Oxtongue, Soybean Milk, Flat Wheat Noodles, Soy Sauce, Beer, Octopus…

Even a flavor translated as: “The Cake Which Fried A Sweet Potato” (???)

The flavors that we did try were:

Dracula Cool (Garlic and Mint): Surprisingly, we all liked this! Super minty with no discernible garlic taste.

Ginger: Nice. I mean, how can you go wrong with ginger?

Tulip: Not knowing what Tulip is supposed to taste like, this was quite nice. A light floral and sweet, almost-citrussy flavor.

Hokkaido Cheese: Like Cheesecake.

Sunflower: Very rich, nutty flavor of Sunflower seeds. I might try to make this at home.

Shochu: None of us liked this. Not sure how to describe it… slightly sour, didn’t really taste like anything.

Crab: The ice cream has bright pink flecks in it, and the crab aftertaste is very subtle. Not as bad as you might think, but neither of us were crazy about this one. A bit bland.

BBQ Chicken Wing: I detected an aftertaste of deep fryer oil and there are some chewy (meat?) pieces in the ice cream. Gross.

We had a lot of fun and interestingly, all these Japanese ice creams were way LESS SWEET than what we are used to in America. Especially the ‘savory’ flavors. Next time I visit Tokyo, I will definitely return to Ice Cream City to try more flavors!