31 5 / 2013

Boozy Savory Cocktail Ice Creams!


I am very lucky that I live within walking distance of RAMEKIN (Los Angeles) so last night my friends and I were the first customers in line to taste Matthew Biancaniello's trio of exotic boozy savory ice creams.

Copying menu from laist.com… From L to R (clockwise):

*Tequila squid ink ice cream topped with red fish eggs, passion fruit, and coffee infused Cynar, lemon verbena cream & radish blossoms.

*Parmesan ice cream withlemon zest, dehydrated olives, chipotle infused olive oil, Manzanilla sherry with pink chive blossoms, sprinkled with flower blossoms & rum-marinated surinam cherries.

*Laphroaig with chocolate covered blanched garlic, topped with Matthew’s signature Never Let Me Go (Cynar cassis and blood orange), toasted saffron, and blood orange slices… and peppers

The tequila squid ink was our favorite … also the favorite of the guy sitting at the next table, and MB himself. It was the least salty of the three and had the most amazing combination of flavors. The saffron laphroaig was nice and had a touch of spice and citrus; and the parmesan flavor was much more subtle than expected. Neither of us liked the dehydrated olives… which was the saltiest element in the ice cream trio, and the rum-marinated surinam cherries were like, wow. They taste like spicy tomatoes! The whole experience was pretty exotic and cool. 

I am personally not into savory ice creams but I have friends who have enjoyed the Bacon, Soy Sauce, Salt & Pepper, and Thai Curry ice creams that I have made. 

After this Ramekin tasting experience, I am now re-inspired to experiment with a few more savory-sweet flavors. Example: the less classy but no less intriguing idea of a Honey Vegemite ice cream. 

And MORE BOOZE! …NOT with the vegemite, though. :)