28 9 / 2011

Kombucha Sorbet Experiments

I’ll admit I don’t know much about kombucha - a “fermented yeast” known for its impressive range of health benefits and uniquely tart flavor. I was introduced to this beverage only a couple of months ago.

When Hannah Crum - master kombucha brewer, educator and advocate - suggested that we collaborate on some kombucha sorbets, I thought why not? I love ice cream experiments!

I couldn’t find any information online on the best way to incorporate kombucha into frozen desserts, so I treated the kombucha as I would the beer in Jeni’s Lambic Sorbet recipes.

The first sorbet was based on Hannah’s Love Potion #99 - an artisanal blend of blueberry, lavender and rose. (I received a bottle at the recent L.A. Food Swap) In this sorbet, we used unflavored kombucha to which I added the fruit and florals.

Hannah thought the result was “too sweet” but for someone like me whose palate is less acclimatized to the intense kombucha flavor, I thought this was a nice balance of sweet and sour.

My second experiment uses Hannah’s Banana Kombucha. I am still fine tuning the recipe, referring to David Lebovitz’s recipe for Banana Sorbet. The sorbet looks all gooey and soft in the photo because it just came out of the ice cream machine.

If you have used kombucha in frozen desserts, please share!