30 11 / 2011

A Christmas ice cream?

My apologies… nothing will be happening on this blog for a while as I will be leaving town soon.

I haven’t stopped thinking about ice cream flavors though. In addition to the Eggnog and Christmas Plum Pudding flavors that I’d like to make when I return, I am also toying with the idea of a red, white and green Christmas-themed ice cream terrine.

I suppose that the most obvious flavors for the RED ice cream would be cranberry, cherry or beet, and peppermint or pistachio for GREEN, but I want to do flavors that I haven’t done before so …..

Here’s an idea with Asian flavors!

Red Bean & Pandan Ice Creams topped with Lychee Caviar!

Lychee Caviar, you say? Yep. More kitchen experiments to look forward to! :)


- Lili x