08 6 / 2011

The Ice Cream Lifestyle #2

I wish I had remembered to take photos! I had a ‘Ice Cream Soiree’ at my home last night with some fabulous friends. The flavors on the table were:

Mexican Coffee
Coconut & Cherries
Blackberry Sorbet
Papaya-Lime Sorbet
Goat Cheese & Pears
Vanilla Peach & Blackberries

It was so much fun, and even more so to receive glowing compliments from my foodie friends/ice-cream tasters.


@Faustfatale: Blown away by @lilita_yaya ‘s ice cream as usual. Fave flavors: Pistachio apricot and coconut with roasted cherries. Also papaya lime sorbet

@ChanningHansen: @lilita_yaya makes the best ice cream ever. Yes, better than Scoops. Honey Goat Cheese + roasted pears (w goats milk) is to die for.

Aw! Better than Scoops? Wow, what a compliment!

On June 26th, 2011 I am going to be at the Pasadena Food Swap with some homemade ice cream. I have never participated in a public food swapping/sharing event before and I’m both nervous and excited. Sign up! Join in! See you there!