14 6 / 2012

Out there on the internets…

I am proud to be featured on the charming Dessert Girl blog. Thank you to Erin for featuring my artwork in The Mixing Bowl (a collection of recipes by her favorite artists), and I hope you all enjoy the Blue Hawaiian ice cream recipe!

Elsewhere, you can hear me talking to Bibi and Fifi Poubelles about a bunch of stuff including ice cream. In fact, Bibi and Fifi eat and discuss my ice cream on this show. Click here to listen to the Slapbooth Show podcast.

The Pasadena Food Swap is coming soon on June 24th. Sadly I won’t be able to make it. If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to do a private swap for ice cream, email me. I have done private swaps before with other LA foodswappers. You can request a flavor, of course.

Flavors on my list (all very Asian):

- Lychee
- Wasabi Pea
- Black Sticky Rice

- Lili x


29 8 / 2011

Who Wants Ice Cream?

The next L.A. Food Swap will take place on September 3rd, 2011 in Silverlake. The ice cream-making has begun…


  1. Ginger Orange with Dark Chocolate Freckles
  2. Tamarind Coconut
  3. Lemon with Lavender & Poppyseeds
  4. Chocolate Porter Sorbet with Roasted Cherries
  5. Celery with Rum-soaked Raisins
  6. Mint Julep (Bourbon & fresh mint)
  7. Caramel Apple
  8. Basil Lime Sorbet
  9. Bacon and Pineapple
  10. Pumpkin Pie
  11. Peanut & Kaffir Lime

I will be bringing at least TWO containers of each flavor.

*Register for the Food Swap HERE.


08 6 / 2011

The Ice Cream Lifestyle #2

I wish I had remembered to take photos! I had a ‘Ice Cream Soiree’ at my home last night with some fabulous friends. The flavors on the table were:

Mexican Coffee
Coconut & Cherries
Blackberry Sorbet
Papaya-Lime Sorbet
Goat Cheese & Pears
Vanilla Peach & Blackberries

It was so much fun, and even more so to receive glowing compliments from my foodie friends/ice-cream tasters.


@Faustfatale: Blown away by @lilita_yaya ‘s ice cream as usual. Fave flavors: Pistachio apricot and coconut with roasted cherries. Also papaya lime sorbet

@ChanningHansen: @lilita_yaya makes the best ice cream ever. Yes, better than Scoops. Honey Goat Cheese + roasted pears (w goats milk) is to die for.

Aw! Better than Scoops? Wow, what a compliment!

On June 26th, 2011 I am going to be at the Pasadena Food Swap with some homemade ice cream. I have never participated in a public food swapping/sharing event before and I’m both nervous and excited. Sign up! Join in! See you there!