19 11 / 2011

New ice cream maker: Cuisinart ICE21

I have a new ice cream maker! It’s the newest Cuisinart model, the ICE21, in RED, with a RED freezer bowl. This item has been on my Amazon Wishlist for months and it was so nice to receive this as a surprise gift from Nathan who tells me it’s “an investment”. Yes, he will be enjoying homemade ice cream for the rest of his life.

Via Jeni’s Ice Cream Forum, Jeni wrote:

"The new machines are pretty great - they freeze much quicker than the old ones. And the dasher gets all the ice cream off the wall so you won’t have the butterfat buildup on the side of the canister"

Yep. Totally true! In only 15 MINUTES (as opposed to the old machine’s 30 minutes) my Blue Hawaiian ice cream was done! And mind you, this particular ice cream is loaded with liquor so it was extra exciting to see it freeze so quickly.


Photo on the left: 5 minutes later. On the right: 10 minutes later.

I love that the ICE21’s opening spout is large and round = mess-free and easier to clean! This machine is also very noisy… it makes a very loud whirring sound as it churns which is something I’m sure I’ll get used to. What’s more, the old ICE20 canister is compatible with this machine so now I can churn TWO flavors a day if I wanted to… :)