11 10 / 2013

Another one from FrozBroz’s list of creative flavors. I wrote to Ben and Erik of FrozBroz and asked them if they could send me one of their recipes to make and illustrate and was thrilled to receive their Sumac Ice Cream with Carrot Apricot Jam . So unique! I had Googled, and there are no sumac ice cream recipes anywhere else.

Erik informed me that FrozBroz’s ice cream base recipe is a “trade secret” so they couldn’t share this. Totally understandable, and I was happy to stick with the base recipe that I usually use.  

My illustration above is an adaptation of the recipe I received from FrozBroz. I had no idea what sumac ice cream was supposed to taste like, but I did some experimenting and tweaking (as I do)…


In the first batch that I made, the sumac flavor was very subtle especially when paired with the super sweet carrot-apricot jam.  In my 2nd batch, I infused the sumac for 1 hour before straining it out. Interestingly, the warm sumac-infused cream tasted to me almost like malted milk….

Third time lucky: I increased the amount of sumac from 2 tsp to 5 tsp and did a cold infusion overnight. The addition of lemon juice helped enhance more of the aromatic, sour, tamarind-like flavor of the sumac. Yay! It turned out great. A really interesting and delicious ice cream.

Thank you, FrozBroz