08 7 / 2011

Mango, Banana, and Tangerine…

I bought a case of mangoes this week and decided to make my second Ice Cream Terrine with Jamaican flavors. 

Mango: Sweet mangoes with ginger, dark rum and allspice.

Banana: Bananas caramelized with brown sugar and cinnamon, mixed with toasted coconut.

Tangerine: A blend of tangerine juice and coconut rum, with dark chocolate freckles.

As every experiment is a learning process, I know that if I made these ice creams again I would do a few things differently. These are all way too sweet!

When I post the recipes for these flavors, they will be modified from the ones that I originally used.

Next: Mango-Pineapple Gingerbeer Sorbet.

P.S. Wow, Ackee ice cream exists!

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