20 5 / 2011

The Ice Cream Lifestyle #1

In addition to my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, here are a few things that I can no longer live without:

Hand immersion blender - I recently bought one and I love it!!! So much easier to clean than a regular blender.

Microplane Zester - According to David Lebovitz in The Perfect Scoop, you have to double the amount of zest used in a recipe when you use a regular grater. Bye bye, regular grater.

Ice Cream Containers by SweetBliss - From experience, when you gift ice cream in plastic containers, you don’t get those containers back.

E.ggtimer.com/25minutesĀ  <— Go on, type this into your browser! (Yeah I know I need to get myself a real kitchen timer)

Lactaid- self-explanatory.

To be continued…The Ice Cream Lifestyle #2 

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