26 7 / 2013

Summer update

Recently I had the pleasure of doing some illustrations for Hannah Kaminsky, amazing vegan chef and cookbook author. You may remember the Chocolate Hazelnut and Tropical Plum ice cream recipes on this blog… both were inspired by Hannah.

 I highly recommend Vegan A La Mode  and Vegan Desserts for creative flavor ideas and inspiration even if you are not vegan. I am not vegan but I try not to consume too much dairy. Below are two illustrations of recipes from Hannah Kaminsky’s new book - Easy As Vegan Pie:

Click here to view larger:

Classic Pie Crust

Roasted Strawberry and Tomato Galette 

Meanwhile, here’s a new Cooking Conversions fridge magnet starring Boogie my blue-eyed boston terrier. It is an updated version of this earlier magnet that I made for myself but if anyone is interested I would be glad to take pre-orders and get extra copies printed. Stay tuned to the facebook page! :)

Last but not least, I am registered for the next LA Food Swap - August 18th 5-7pm, Spice Station, Silverlake. Looking forward to it! :)

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