17 6 / 2013

Black and White Cookie Ice Cream!


My friend Christa requested a Black and White Cookie Ice Cream for her birthday this year. My first reaction was: "What? Plain chocolate and plain vanilla? That’s kinda boring…"

[I almost named this blog No Vanilla! but changed my mind when I imagined visitors NOT coming here for ice cream recipes.]

So chocolate and vanilla it is. A two-tone half chocolate, half vanilla ice cream. With cookies.

Day 1: I baked a dozen Black and White cookies following this Smitten Kitchen recipe. (Tip: make your own cake flour) I frosted the cookies and chopped them into small pieces.


Day 2: I cooked up a Chocolate ice cream and a Vanilla-Lemon ice cream. Let these chill in the fridge overnight.

Day 3: Churned the ice creams. I made “divider cards” for the containers by cutting up postcards to size, and wrapping these in parchment paper.



I filled half the containers with Choc ice cream and cookie pieces, and let these sit in the freezer for a few hours, on their sides, to prevent the soft chocolate ice cream from seeping under the cardboard onto the other side.


When the chocolate ice cream had firmed up a bit, I churned the Vanilla-Lemon ice cream (I have a NewAir compressor machine so I can make more than one batch per day) I then removed the cards, and filled the other half of the containers. 



Black and White ice cream! With black and white cookies!


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