17 2 / 2013

Going “Paleo”

I have just signed up for the 2013 WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE, a rigorous diet-exercise routine that forbids me to consume any DAIRY, SUGAR, or PROCESSED FOODS for 8 weeks. I see this as a creative cooking challenge and am quite excited about it. I am already making almond milk every few days.

What this means though is that for the next 8 weeks, my homemade ice cream menu will be limited to only two flavors: Cherimoya and Banana, which are basically PURE FRUIT - frozen and blended with a bit of almond milk or coconut milk. 

Googling around, I also found this very exciting “Salted Raw Caramel Dip” made mostly with Medjool dates. Can’t wait to make this and try it with the ice creams. 

P.S. I will still be making real ice creams for my friends and will continue to share recipes. Yes, I already know that I will be losing WLC points for taste-testing.

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