August 2013

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The Ice Cream Lifestyle

Useful handy-dandy things:

  1. Double-ended magnetic measuring spoons - you know, one tablespoon end for the starch, the other end for the invert sugar.
  2. Beka Cook n Stir saucepan - it’s big & sexy; it has a spout.
  3. So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer - perfect cream substitute for dairy-free ice creams. Has a neutral flavor.
  4. New Air ice cream machine - I can make several flavors per day!
  5. SweetBliss half-pint ice cream containers - I used to order these in bulk on ebay. They are now available in smaller quantities on!
  6. GIR spatula - I’ve been using an orange one for 2-3 years. Time for a replacement! Getting a black one at…

Coming soon: a few dairy-free ice creams….

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July 2013

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Dreaming of syrups

I attended a very cool workshop on the weekend: Sparkling Summer Beverages with Emily Ho. It was so much fun. We were a class of about 15 people and in just over 2 hours, we each learned to make and went home with:

1. A Strawberry Basil Syrup 

2.  A Ginger Ale fermented with Champagne Yeast, and

3. A Shrub Syrup with our choice of fruit, herbs and spices. Mine was made with peach, plum, cinnamon, cloves, star anise and black peppercorns. 


I picked up some useful tips like storing peeled ginger in the freezer to make it much easier to grate. I am now inspired to make more syrups that I can use in homemade sodas and as ice cream flavorings. 


In my fridge right now, I have lemongrass, a bag of fresh lychees, strawberries, blueberries, bunch of red grapes and lots of ginger root… hmmm. 

Perhaps I’ll make a Lemongrass-Ginger syrup to add to an ice cream base, then swirl in some Palm Sugar syrup…

A grape ice cream with red wine syrup

A citrus gingerbeer sorbet…

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Summer update

Recently I had the pleasure of doing some illustrations for Hannah Kaminsky, amazing vegan chef and cookbook author. You may remember the Chocolate Hazelnut and Tropical Plum ice cream recipes on this blog… both were inspired by Hannah.

 I highly recommend Vegan A La Mode  and Vegan Desserts for creative flavor ideas and inspiration even if you are not vegan. I am not vegan but I try not to consume too much dairy. Below are two illustrations of recipes from Hannah Kaminsky’s new book - Easy As Vegan Pie:


Click here to view larger:

Classic Pie Crust

Roasted Strawberry and Tomato Galette 

Meanwhile, here’s a new Cooking Conversions fridge magnet starring Boogie my blue-eyed boston terrier. It is an updated version of this earlier magnet that I made for myself but if anyone is interested I would be glad to take pre-orders and get extra copies printed. Stay tuned to the facebook page! :)

Last but not least, I am registered for the next LA Food Swap - August 18th 5-7pm, Spice Station, Silverlake. Looking forward to it! :)

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Out there on the internet...

We All Scream is in Saveur Magazine: Sites We Love!


We are also in Smashing Magazine’s ice cream-themed Summer Newsletter:


And thank you also to Cher Cabula’s Mindbox for linking to this blog!

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June 2013

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Black and White Cookie Ice Cream!


My friend Christa requested a Black and White Cookie Ice Cream for her birthday this year. My first reaction was: "What? Plain chocolate and plain vanilla? That’s kinda boring…"

[I almost named this blog No Vanilla! but changed my mind when I imagined visitors NOT coming here for ice cream recipes.]

So chocolate and vanilla it is. A two-tone half chocolate, half vanilla ice cream. With cookies.

Day 1: I baked a dozen Black and White cookies following this Smitten Kitchen recipe. (Tip: make your own cake flour) I frosted the cookies and chopped them into small pieces.


Day 2: I cooked up a Chocolate ice cream and a Vanilla-Lemon ice cream. Let these chill in the fridge overnight.

Day 3: Churned the ice creams. I made “divider cards” for the containers by cutting up postcards to size, and wrapping these in parchment paper.



I filled half the containers with Choc ice cream and cookie pieces, and let these sit in the freezer for a few hours, on their sides, to prevent the soft chocolate ice cream from seeping under the cardboard onto the other side.


When the chocolate ice cream had firmed up a bit, I churned the Vanilla-Lemon ice cream (I have a NewAir compressor machine so I can make more than one batch per day) I then removed the cards, and filled the other half of the containers. 



Black and White ice cream! With black and white cookies!


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May 2013

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Boozy Savory Cocktail Ice Creams!

I am very lucky that I live within walking distance of RAMEKIN (Los Angeles) so last night my friends and I were the first customers in line to taste Matthew Biancaniello's trio of exotic boozy savory ice creams.

Copying menu from… From L to R (clockwise):

*Tequila squid ink ice cream topped with red fish eggs, passion fruit, and coffee infused Cynar, lemon verbena cream & radish blossoms.

*Parmesan ice cream withlemon zest, dehydrated olives, chipotle infused olive oil, Manzanilla sherry with pink chive blossoms, sprinkled with flower blossoms & rum-marinated surinam cherries.

*Laphroaig with chocolate covered blanched garlic, topped with Matthew’s signature Never Let Me Go (Cynar cassis and blood orange), toasted saffron, and blood orange slices… and peppers

The tequila squid ink was our favorite … also the favorite of the guy sitting at the next table, and MB himself. It was the least salty of the three and had the most amazing combination of flavors. The saffron laphroaig was nice and had a touch of spice and citrus; and the parmesan flavor was much more subtle than expected. Neither of us liked the dehydrated olives… which was the saltiest element in the ice cream trio, and the rum-marinated surinam cherries were like, wow. They taste like spicy tomatoes! The whole experience was pretty exotic and cool. 

I am personally not into savory ice creams but I have friends who have enjoyed the Bacon, Soy Sauce, Salt & Pepper, and Thai Curry ice creams that I have made. 

After this Ramekin tasting experience, I am now re-inspired to experiment with a few more savory-sweet flavors. Example: the less classy but no less intriguing idea of a Honey Vegemite ice cream. 

And MORE BOOZE! …NOT with the vegemite, though. :)

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Food Blog of the Month!

I just found out that We All Scream is FOOD BLOG OF THE MONTH at  So very chuffed, and I can’t believe it’s already almost the end of the month and I had no idea. :)


Thank you, Emily Jenkinson!

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April 2013

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Ice Creams for L.A. Food Swap

I am registered for the next L.A. Food Swap which is in ONE WEEK. April 28th, Echo Park.

Flavors on ze list:

  1. Lemongrass with Kumquats
  2. Saffron Mango with Pistachios and Raisins
  3. Goat Cheese with Roasted Strawberries
  4. Banana Bread
  5. Grapefruit Mojito
  6. Imperial Stout with Salty Chocolate freckles
  7. Orange Blossom
  8. Papaya Lime Sorbet
  9. Toasted Coconut Pandan
  10. White Chocolate Ginger with Kiwi Compote
  11. Durian (maybe… is this a wise idea?)
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March 2013

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Review: NewAir AIC-210

When a home appliance company Air & Water offered to send me a commercial grade ice cream machine to review, and told me that I could keep it, I couldn’t say no. I mean, look at it. 


Link: New Air AIC-210

Please note that I have only ever used a Cuisinart ice cream machine, so the Cuisinart is my only point of comparison as far as ice cream machines go.

My first impression of the New Air machine was - wow!  It is huge. And the canister looks tiny. It’s hard to imagine that 1 quart of ice cream will fit in there but it does! So far, I have made 4 ice creams in this machine: Bacon (with Pineapple), Spicy Chocolate, Celery (with Rum Raisins) & Banana (with Date Caramel).


1. The machine is self-cooling with a compressor so the canister bowl doesn’t need to be frozen before spinning. This is super convenient and because the bowl is so small anyway, I keep it in the freezer. It doesn’t take up much space.

2. Ingredients don’t have to be cold before spinning. This is not an advantage for me because I like to chill my ice cream mixture overnight anyway to let the flavors intensify. But if you are in a hurry (and have at least 60 minutes), this is another convenient feature. 

This is my pre-chilled Spicy Chocolate ice cream mixture…


3. The machine runs on automatic… Set the timer, walk away and let it do its magic. There is a tiny opening in the plastic lid if you want to add in extra ingredients during the last minutes of spinning. The default time is 60 mins, and it will automatically stop spinning when the ice cream is done - even if the 60 mins isn’t up yet. The machine will also keep the ice cream cold, after it is done. 

As my ice cream mixture is already cold before spinning, I find that the process takes roughly 40 minutes. A bit longer than the Cuisinart’s 20 minutes.

Counting down….


4. No noise! I love that it’s so silent, unlike the Cuisinart.


1. This New Air ice cream machine is a beast. It’s large and weighs 30lbs. It takes up a lot of precious kitchen counter space.

2. There are more parts than the Cuisinart and they are quite awkward to fit together. For instance, there’s a heavy “motor” thing with a stick that has to slot into the canister lid AND also into a hole on top of tiny plastic paddle which has to be positioned  inside the canister at the correct angle so that the motor stick fits. It’s a bit like an Ikea assembly exercise and I keep feeling like I am going to break something.  TIP: A chopstick will help line up the paddle opening with the plastic lid opening.

3. The second time I used this machine, the canister was frozen stuck and I could not lift it out of the machine. Tip from fellow ice cream maker David Vo (who has had experience with compressor-based ice cream machines): "Wipe down the outside of the canister with alcohol (eg, Vodka) before lowering it into the machine. The high freezing point of alcohol will prevent the metal canister from sticking". Yes, this works.



Good ice cream! There is some inconsistency with the freezing… it tends to be solid down the bottom and on the sides, and softer on top and in the middle. (The Cuisinart result has a more consistent soft-serve texture throughout.) But this is not a big deal. I don’t know if the ice cream tastes “commercial grade” because I don’t buy commercial ice creams…

Here is the Bacon ice cream from the night before.  Sorry, bad lighting, but you can see what I mean.


The  top/middle part is soft. Underneath and around the sides - frozen solid. This was after 60 minutes and the ice cream mixture was already cold before I added it to the machine. Increasing the freezing time would not remedy this issue because the paddle will stop anyway, as soon as the ice cream at the bottom becomes hard. 

To sum up, the Cuisinart, for all its noise and low-tech-ness, is more user-friendly. The Cuisinart parts fit together and can be separated with ease. The New Air parts are more fiddly…. I really dislike that paddle. It’s messy to lift out of the canister. (Not that it is entirely a bad thing to get ice cream all over your fingers).

On the other hand, the New Air machine is very convenient if you don’t have time to hang around the kitchen watching and waiting for the ice cream to be done, and just want to load in the ingredients and push a button. 


[P.S. Only $159 on Amazon!]

 *UPDATE: I have used the New Air machine several more times and I am liking it more and more! It is especially convenient for fruit sorbets that don’t require ‘cooking’. Puree the ingredients, pour into the machine and it’s done in 30 minutes - perfect frozen consistency and ready to eat.

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February 2013

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Going "Paleo"


I have just signed up for the 2013 WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE, a rigorous diet-exercise routine that forbids me to consume any DAIRY, SUGAR, or PROCESSED FOODS for 8 weeks. I see this as a creative cooking challenge and am quite excited about it. I am already making almond milk every few days.

What this means though is that for the next 8 weeks, my homemade ice cream menu will be limited to only two flavors: Cherimoya and Banana, which are basically PURE FRUIT - frozen and blended with a bit of almond milk or coconut milk. 


Googling around, I also found this very exciting “Salted Raw Caramel Dip” made mostly with Medjool dates. Can’t wait to make this and try it with the ice creams. 

P.S. I will still be making real ice creams for my friends and will continue to share recipes. Yes, I already know that I will be losing WLC points for taste-testing.

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January 2013

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I will be back soon, I promise.

I was in Malaysia and Hong Kong last month and vowed to consume some local ice cream flavors, which I did! Nope, no durian because I don’t really like the taste of durian, but I enjoyed samplings of jackfruit, soursop, starfruit, red bean ice creams. Yes, I have been inspired by my travels but it so happens that I am overwhelmed with work this month or I would be making more ice creams!

Flavors on my list include:

Kaya Toast ice cream (This is a popular Malaysian breakfast)

Mangosteen or Rambutan ice cream

Blood Orange sorbet 

Bacon-infused Bourbon ice cream with Bacon Powder (using Tapioca Maltodextrin)

Black and White ice cream. Flavors TBD…

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November 2012

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